Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Flavor of the Month

Just over a year ago, I added a Flavor of the Month to the site, and a "club" for people who want to get a balm every month. Each month has a new flavor, and they're totally new, nothing I've ever offered before. Some of them are very "seasonal"--like the Blarney Balm for St. Patrick's Day, or Mexican Hot Chocolate for Cinco de Mayo. Some of them stick around as permanent additions (like Blarney Balm, and the Red Hot balm which has become popular for girls' night parties!), while others just come and go.

April was carrot cake...May is butterscotch...and in June, I'm doing a citrus rose flavor (I know, maybe that sounds weird, but it's going to be really cool!). I'm still finalizing flavors for summer, and who knows about fall?!

Some of my favorites (watermelon last summer, for example) were suggestions from friends, and I've kept some balms around permanently based on feedback from customers and friends. So tell me: what's your favorite flavor? Have you gotten the Flavor of the Month? What did you think?


  1. How about 'Jack-o'-lantern' for October, 'automn leaves' for November, and 'holiday mix' for December?

  2. I can't believe you have a blog!! I am a big blogger! Anyway...I actually got the FOTM lip balms for my sister-in-law for Christmas and she ended up getting it for me for my b-day. We are both lip balm addicts so we love it.

    Butterscotch was both of our favorites by far. Please don't take any offense to this (please, please, please), but I was disappointed in this months flavor. I LOVE the citrus part of it, but I HATE rose scented things, so obviously that's the part I don't like. I haven't had a chance to talk to the sis-in-law so I am not sure what she thinks about it. I must say though...we both get so excited each month with anticipation of the newest flavor. You're doing a fabulous job, and it's such an awesome idea! I actually blog about it each month, myself.

    Have a great day, and keep up the great work!

  3. are some flavors I'd love to see (if you care)

    Creme Brulee
    Candy Corn for Halloween season
    Maybe margarita for a summer flavor
    pumpin or carmel apple would be good for all.

    Just some thoughts!

  4. LOVE the suggestions! Keep them coming!

    Here's a question: do you like to know what the flavor is by the name of the balm, or is it more fun to be surprised? For example, with a balm called "candy corn" it's pretty obvious what it'll taste like, but "autumn leaves" is more of a mystery (hopefully--I'm sure Stew didn't mean for me to make an oak and beech flavored balm! LOL!)

    What do you think?



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